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Now that November is over...

If you're keeping up with the blog, you know that Journey Fiction has committed to publish at least one novel that was written during National Novel Writing Month and is submitted by the end of December 2017. But you probably still have questions...

  • What if I didn't finish my novel in November? No problem! The goal of NaNoWriMo is to write at least 50K in one month. Most books are longer than that, anyway, so the chances are good you didn't finish the novel. But you're going to now.

  • What if I didn't even write 50K? That's okay, too. Did you make significant progress on your novel? Are you still writing? Do you know how your novel will end? Then you're still in this.

  • How can I submit my novel? It's a mess! Of course it is. That's what editing is for.

  • How do I submit my manuscript to Journey Fiction? Glad you asked. Keep reading.

For this promotion, we'll be following a slightly different submission procedure.

  • Send submissions to with the subject line: PubSprint Submission

  • Your proposal should include

  • The first chapter of your novel, polished and proofed

  • A detailed synopsis of the rest of your novel, including the ending

  • Something about who you are as a writer

Of course, we're still taking regular submissions, too. You can find the guidelines and more author info HERE.

Good luck as your writing journey continues. I hope to be hearing from many of you!

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