When you decide to start a company, you ask yourself a lot of questions. Practical things like, "What should I name my company?" Personal things like, "Am I ready to work harder than I ever have before?" And philosophical things like, "If I traveled back in time and met myself, would I rip a hole in the space/time continuum?" (That last question really has nothing to do with starting a company, I just like thinking about time travel.) In many ways, it's a lot like planning a novel. You can come up with so many great ideas and interesting plot threads, but there are some things you know you have to leave behind. Either there isn't room for it all or some of those interesting tidbits detract from the heart of the story. It can hurt to cut chunks of writing you love, or as Stephen King says, "To kill your darlings." But it has to be done.

As of December 1st, Journey will be accepting submissions, which will require even more - and often difficult - decision making. Will a story work for us? Is the writing good but just not a fit for the company? And when we find stories we love, then the authors have to decide if Journey Fiction is the right company for them. As it turns out, editing is a life-long process.

Leave it out, keep it in... it's all part of the journey we're on.

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