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The Big Idea

If you've gotten this far, you know I'm starting a publishing company. You may also have a few questions:

  • Why start a new company?

  • Are you out of your mind?

  • What makes you qualified to do this?

Excellent questions! Here we go...

Why start a new company? This is something I've wanted to do for quite a few years. During my writing career, I've met numerous talented writers who couldn't get published, no matter how hard they tried. Now, let's be honest: not everyone who writes a book will get picked up by a publishing house. It's one of those sad facts of life. But I love the idea of finding authors who sparkle, who try new things, and who write stories I can't stop reading. I want to help those authors find their readers.

Are you out of your mind? Probably. Aren't we all a little mad? Seriously, I didn't just wake up one morning and say, "I think I'll start a business today." I've given it a lot of thought. I've explained my publishing philosophy and business model to industry professionals and received positive feedback and good advice. I clued in my family, because they'll have to live with me through it all, and got back nothing but support. So, if I am crazy, at least I'm not going down the rabbit hole alone.

This is a big endeavor, no doubt about it. I named the company Journey Fiction for multiple reasons (which I'll describe in more detail in a future post). One of those is because I believe life is a journey. Every story, every experience, adds to who we are. That's why I want to share the process with you. From the Big Idea to Launch Day and beyond, we'll go on this journey together.

I'm glad you've taken the first step with me. Tomorrow I'll answer that other question, What makes you qualified to do this?

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