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Journey Fiction is a small publisher with a big goal: introduce readers to characters and stories so alive and engaging that you don't want them to end. We specialize in series fiction because we feel the same way. 

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Return to Garrison FINAL - Oct 3

Return to Garrison

by Kari Wirth

Facing her past is the only way she can embrace her future.


Anna Sutton is living in Buffalo, New York, pursuing her dream of being a best-selling novelist, but things aren’t going as planned. After some soul-searching, she feels drawn to return to the small town she thought she’d put behind her eight years earlier. But before she can leave the city, she finds herself in the middle of a convenience store robbery. Much to her surprise, one of the teenagers involved strikes an emotional chord with her, and she finds herself getting involved against her better judgement. Jake O’Connor has lived a lifetime of heartache, and he’s only fifteen years old. It looks like his next stop is juvenile hall, until Anna steps up to help him.


In the small town of Garrison, Indiana, Anna and Jake must face the ghosts of their pasts and learn to trust God with their futures. They have nothing in common, but they just might save each other.

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