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Journey Fiction

Las Vegas, Nevada  USA

© 2016 by Jennifer L. Farey 

Our Books


Cassandra and the Cowboy

by Janine Mick Wills

Cassandra Pickett is one prayer away from giving up on God. The tragic death of her father and the devastating results of the Great Drought of 1886 have centered the family ranch, the Triple P, in the crosshairs of the Goose Neck Ridge Bank of Texas. Desperate to save the Triple P, Cassandra sees only one option: marriage to Phillip Brigham, the local cattle baron, who has promised to repay her father’s loan. When the enigmatic Matt Atkins shows up looking for a job, Cassandra wonders if the cowboy could be the answer to her prayer instead. As they work side by side, Cassandra’s feelings for Matt deepen, and she envisions the possibility of marrying for love and not for necessity. But her dreams are shattered when she discovers Matt harbors a hidden agenda for the Triple P. Will Cassandra have to turn to Phillip after all, or will God take the shards of her broken dreams and create something beyond what she could ever hope for?


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